Iranian Researcher Mr. Taheri Formerly Sentenced to Death Is Still in Unknown Situation


 Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of Erfan-E-Halgheh, was presented at Branch 26 of Tehran Revolutionary Court to submit his final appeal. The court was chaired by the .infamous Judge Mashallah Ahmadzadeh

The Iranian researcher on alternative medicine again was faced the vague charges by IRGC’s Sarallah Headquarters on the base of his writings and the “custom-created” movie, named Devil’s Ring [Halghe Sheytan in Farsi]. His writings were published under permission by Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance of Iran, Roxana Haghighattalab declared.

The movie was allegedly screened by IRIB, Erfan News {ENA} reported. The agents has successfully convinced the judge to assume the alleged charges as evidence of spreading“corruption on earth”. Corruption on earth {Ifsad fil-Arz} has been defined as “enmity against god” for the vague charges with which mentioned above.
Mr. Taheri was repeatedly interrogated by IRGC agents during his detention term and finally accused of false charges citing the movie and some custom-written books as “infidelity of Erfan-E-Halghe”, written by the Shiite cleric Hamzeh Sharifidoost.
“since they don’t have and they never had any true evidence against me, they used this custom-issued book as an evidence”, Mr. Taheri said in his testimony at the court.

Further, his lawyer Mr. Tabatabaei added “we submitted more than 200 pages and a few thousands documents and evidence to the court on Monday”. The documents which was submitted to the court indicating that “he has never committed a crime, rather, he has tried to spread peace and love”.
He expressed hope that the court would repeal the sentence in the next two weeks.

The Tragic Tale of Mohammad Ali Taheri

Mohammad Ali Taheri, the Iranian researcher on alternative medicine and the founder of Erfan-E-Halgheh, was first arrested by IRGC’s Sarallah Headquarters in 2010 on some false charges of “acting against national security”, “blasphemy”, “illegal disturbance to medical affairs”, “earning illegitimate funds”, and “distribution of audio-visual products and use of academic titles”.

He was released after being endured 67 days in the solitary confinement cells of Tehran notorious Evin prison. Mr. Taheri was arrested again on May 4, 21011 and taken to Evin prison. The Iranian researcher has been imprisoned and interrogated {enduring severe tortures both physically and psychologically} since May 2011.

The initial court sentenced him to 5 years imprisonment, 74 lashes and $300,000 USD in 2013, later on 2015, the revolutionary court sentenced him to death by accuse of corruption on earth, the death sentence breaks later on 2015 in supreme court and his imprison ended at 2016, and his acquittance verdict for corruption in earth, apostasy and consensus and collusion against Islamic republic of Iran issued by the Supreme Court, But they still keep on prison until present day.